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Since 1895, Hampden Moving & Storage, a Maryland moving company, has been providing our customers with our Red Carpet Service on every move, whether across the street, across the country or across an ocean. As a full-service moving company, Hampden Moving & Storage provides packing, unpacking, moving, and storing for your most precious belongings with the greatest precision and care.

A family owned and operated Moving Company, Hampden’s employees include fifth-generation family members, who will work with you to make your moving experience as worry-free as possible. Our trained staff of moving professionals will guide you through the entire relocation process, always keeping in mind that you, our customer, is our number one priority.

Hampden Moving & Storage provides the following services to assist in your move:

  • Free, accurate moving quote
  • Custom crating, packing & unpacking
  • Transportation of intricate, high value or sensitive equipment
  • Automobile relocation
  • Local, long distance or international relocation options
  • Climate-controlled, secure storage of household items
  • Real-time tracking
  • Hampden's Red Carpet Service


Hampden Moving & Storage


To Our Valued Customers, Partners and Suppliers:

As you know, the COVID-19 virus (commonly known as the coronavirus) has been formally designated as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. Throughout the Hampden Moving & Storage organization, the safety of our customers and employees remains a top priority.  For this reason we wish to update you on the initiatives we have taken in response to COVID-19, in an effort to continue operating safely across our own locations, in our clients’ workplaces and in our customers’ homes.

We have been closely monitoring the developments regarding COVID-19 and have compiled information regarding our service policies and recommended best practices.  We will continue to assess the situation at large, as new information becomes available every day.


We are considered an essential business and will continue to perform moves and provide moving estimates.  We are monitoring and assessing the situation with our management team daily and will update you if anything changes. Essential Businesses in the State of Maryland 3-23-2020


For customers who need an estimate for a future relocation, we are offering the option of a virtual survey/estimate.  We will provide in-home estimates as long as the CDC deems it is safe to do so.  The virtual survey/estimate is provided for those families that would feel more comfortable not having someone into their homes at this time or for the elderly who are most vulnerable to the virus.


All our equipment, inside of the trucks and outside door handles, are wiped down before and after each move.  Our employees are provided gloves and sanitation products to perform these steps.  In locations that have been identified as having confirmed cases of COVID-19, we have asked all our employees to follow the CDC guidelines, including sending home workers who are sick or who may have been exposed to the virus.

All customers that we are moving are being asked a series of questions to determine the risk of going into their homes.  At that point the appropriate measures are being taken to protect our staff and customers based upon the CDC guidelines.  We have asked all our employees to stop making any kind of contact, including shaking hands, with customers or vendors and to practice social distancing of at least six feet between individuals.


Hampden is proactively addressing the situation with a commonsense approach in the office as well.  We are following the CDC guidelines.  Our staff has been instructed to wash their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,  avoid touching door handles with bare hands, refrain from sneezing or coughing into their hands or the air, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, clean surfaces they touch often and to stay home if they have any symptoms of illness.  We continue to have our office deep cleaned and sanitized.

While we diligently take precautions, rest assured the service you expect from Hampden Moving & Storage will continue throughout our operations. Should any issues arise that would affect our normal operations, we will advise you immediately.

Please let your Hampden Moving & Storage representative know if you have any specific concerns regarding our preparations and ability to work with you in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for your continued, trusting support of our organization.

Hampden Moving & Storage, Inc.

For your convenience, we have listed several links with related information:

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World Health Organization
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Baltimore Sun 3-17-20
Essential Businesses in the State of Maryland 3-23-2020

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Residential Moving


Local Moving



Are you moving some place nearby and need help?
Hampden Moving and Storage offers local moving services just for your needs.

Hampden Moving & Storage has been handling local moving for residents of Maryland for over 100 years. The company’s large fleet of modern moving vans are staffed with experienced, certified drivers, movers, and packers to handle all your local moving, packing and storage needs.


Hampden Moving & Storage has a training and certification center for all personnel. Through participation in this program, each employee gains national certification by the American Moving & Storage Association. Our investment in training and employee development translates into a higher quality moving and storage service to you, our valued customer. In addition to service training requirements, our drivers must comply with strict safety standards, including mandatory drug screening. Public safety will always be our top priority.

If you are planning a local move, Hampden Moving & Storage should be your mover of choice. Hampden will assist you and your family through the budgeting, planning, preparation, packing, and entire relocation process. A moving representative will visit with you and provide a detailed, written, estimated cost for our services, as well as tips for moving, packing, and storage.

If a move is in your future, call the company known for quality service for over 100 years.


Long Distance Moving


 Are you moving someplace far away?
Although long distance moving can be cumbersome, we can help make your transition easier.


Hampden Moving & Storage, agent for Allied Van Lines, provides professional services for all long distance moves. Since 1895, generations of trained professionals have handled our customers’ household possessions, business goods and cherished items with the utmost care to ensure a safe delivery to new homes or offices. We are truly your "Red Carpet Mover."

Hampden Moving & Storage service professionals also provide careful and custom packing, unpacking, and custom crating solutions to make your moving experience a smooth one. Appliance preparation, plasma TV service and additional customized services related to your long distance move are also available.

At Hampden, customers are valued, and we prove it every day as we strive to make your move a Red Carpet experience. For more information contact us today at 410-609-3511!


International Moving


International moving can be overwhelming, but not if you let us help remove some of that burden.



Hampden Moving & Storage is a partner with one of the largest agency families in the world. We will guide your move to your destination to ensure that all of your possessions arrive safely and on time. You name the place and we are there to bring your move home. Moving to Chile, Mozambique, Sydney, or Shanghai? We are already there ensuring safe and professional passage for our valued customers.

From start to finish, Hampden’s trained experts will walk you through each step of the relocation process. On moving day, our skilled moving team will take great care with your belongings as they pack, pad, load, and finally seal your overseas container for transport.



Hampden's Red Carpet Service will be there wherever and whenever you need us.

High Value Items Transportation


When your shipment includes sensitive medical items or other high value or sensitive equipment, Hampden Moving & Storage understands that these products deserve the utmost care. From the most intricate pieces, to large, bulky components, we have the expertise and experience to successfully manage and transport whatever your specialized shipment may require.


When your service need is for electronics or logistics management, Hampden Moving & Storage and its vast network of agents can provide complete, single-source control.

Contact Hampden Moving & Storage to request more information.



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Secure Storage



Hampden Data Solutions provides a complete management system designed for inactive and semi-active business records. Our approach to managing your business records has been designed to provide the very best system, security, reporting accuracy, accessibility, and cost containment available in the marketplace today.


The Hampden System

The concept of a complete data management system is only a workable one if it combines certain standardized procedures with the flexibility to respond to the individual needs of those whom it serves. Hampden provides such a system. Our features include:

  • Bar code labeling providing accuracy of data
  • File level access tracking and deliveries
  • Monthly itemized invoicing
  • On demand inventory reports
  • Security authorized only access
  • Quick response delivery and pickup service
  • Certified destruction services
  • Full range of moving and storage services
Bar Code Labeling Providing Accuracy of Data

Hampden provides a state-of-the-art bar code inventory package which allows for fast and accurate database updates and searches. When Hampden personnel remove the cartons from your office, we receive them into inventory, effectively eliminating data transfer errors. We then perform the completion of the inventory procedures at our warehouse location and return the completed inventory to you for your review..

File Level Access Tracking

The computerized inventory system that is utilized by Hampden combines the convenience of point-of- origin carton labeling with the ability to track files within a specific carton. Pickup and delivery services for files are available as well.


Monthly Invoicing

 Hampden provides our clients with the convenience of a monthly invoicing system, which includes actual storage charges based on current inventory on the day of invoicing and service charges from the prior month. This eliminates large up-front payments and charges for unused warehouse space. Service charges are referenced by service order number and can easily be identified. Discounted storage rates are available for prepaid quarterly or annual storage payments..

Security Authorized Access 

Access to and from Hampden storage vaults is strictly limited to scheduled visits accompanied by Hampden personnel. Hampden also strongly advises limiting the number of individuals authorized to order retrieval and delivery service calls. Hampden will not release records to anyone except those individuals specified by your company

Quick Response Delivery and Pickup Service
 As a service-oriented company, we respond quickly and efficiently to any and all service requests. Retrievals can be arranged 24 hours a day (emergency service), within 2 hours of calling (rush service), or on a cost-efficient, next business day basis. Hampden has a large fleet of trucks on the road every day, and we can arrange for service involving small or large orders on short notice.


Certified Destruction Services

Hampden will arrange for either certified or non-certified destruction of records for you. Original inventory information on possible destruction dates and key management reports are sent to you on quarterly or annually. This method keeps costs down by disposing of records that are no longer necessary. Hampden will never dispose of your records without proper authorization. Destruction certificates are provided for all certified destruction services


Full Range of Moving and Storage Services

Hampden Data Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hampden Moving & Storage, Inc. placing at your disposal a full range of relocation services. These services include:

  • Office and commercial moving
  • Storage of office equipment, computers, furniture all within the same building complex
  • Air freight
  • Employee relocations
  • Point-to-point deliveries throughout the world

Hampden has been providing quality moving services since 1895. Our corporate philosophy has always been one of service first.



Hampden's Records Center is protected by a 24 hour a day electronic surveillance system, closed-circuit cameras, a regional "dry" warehouse sprinkler system, and fire-resistant construction consistent with NFPA ANSI standards. All shelving is metal and raised from the floor a minimum of 4" in all areas. Forklifts are electric and all potential fire sources are forbidden in the vault areas.

Contact us today to discuss your record management needs.



Household Storage


Occasionally, moving also means storage. If you are getting ready to move and your new home isn't ready yet, what do you do? Ask Hampden Moving & Storage about local warehouse services to store your household belongings. Hampden’s specialized storage services provide a safe and easy solution for dealing with unexpected circumstances such as conflicting real estate timetables, settlement issues, or construction delays.

Hampden Moving & Storage has one of the finest storage facilities in all of Maryland, storing both commercial and residential goods. We are proud to invite our customers to tour our palletized warehouse, and they are always pleased to see our clean, secure facility. Our customers storing precious artwork or antiques appreciate that our warehouse is climate controlled.



Hampden Moving & Storage will provide you with a free and accurate estimate for all moves coming into storage. With both short and long-term storage options available, we will find a storage plan that works best for you.

For more information contact us today at 410-609-3511.


Office and Commercial Storage



Hampden Moving & Storage moves more than just household goods.

Whether it’s down the street or to the other side of the globe, we can provide transportation and storage options for your office and industrial needs.

Hampden Moving & Storage realizes moving and storing your office or business can be time consuming. We take the pressure off you and put it on our teams of coordinators, drivers and packers, who are held to office storage the highest customer-focused, quality standards, to insure a trouble-free, no hassle relocation experience.

We have developed a global system of relocation specialists, from drivers and crews to agents and sales representatives who focus on your business day and night.



You are able to monitor, measure and access every aspect of your account any time - day or night. You can:

  • Track your shipment in real-time
  • Access billing and invoicing information 24/7
  • Handle claim settles promptly and accurately
  • Contact us today to learn more about commercial storage facilities.



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Office Moving


We pride ourselves in being your "One Stop Shop" for all of your office moving needs, whether it is a one-station reconfigure, or a new office design and set up.

Hampden Moving & Storage is equipped to handle the transport of your office furniture, computers and other sensitive electronic equipment. We also have the capacity to handle large warehouse and rigging jobs of any size to any location.

We also understand that office & industrial moves need to be performed at a time that is most convenient for your business. For this reason, we offer after-hours and weekend office moving services designed to keep from disrupting your employees during crucial business time. Our moving counselor will work with you to determine where each piece of office equipment should be placed in your new location. This will help us perform your move quickly and accurately.


Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory


Just-in-Time is a management philosophy that strives to eliminate sources of manufacturing waste by producing the right part in the right place at the right time.

Waste results from any activity that adds cost without adding value. Hampden Moving & Storage can show you solutions to move inventory close to end users, thus eliminating precious shipping time.

JIT (also known as lean production or stockless production) should improve profits and return on investment by reducing inventory levels (increasing the inventory turnover rate), improving product quality, reducing production and delivery lead times, and reducing other costs (such as those associated with machine setup and equipment breakdown).

Over the last ten years, virtually every company has taken steps to reduce costs associated with holding inventory. The challenge in making appropriate inventory decisions is to clearly understand all the costs associated with holding inventory. Hampden Moving & Storage is dedicated to help assess inventory carrying costs using data collected from hundreds of businesses.


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Trade Show/Exhibit Services


Trade Show/Exhibit Services

At Hampden Moving & Storage, trade shows are a full-time endeavor and a business priority. Hampden enjoys one of the best reputations in the trade show transportation industry with consistent service, on-site representation, and centralized coordination.

Field Service Representatives

We maintain a trade show field service program that provides show site support throughout the United States. These features include:

  • Living in and representing the major show cities
  • Being present on the show floor and in the marshaling yard during the important move-in and move-out periods of major shows
  • Having a solid rapport with drayage companies
  • Understanding convention center practices
  • Helping exhibitors ease their way in and out of show halls


Centralized Trade Show Coordinators

Our centralized trade show department is responsible for coordinating every trade show shipment that passes through our dispatch system.


Museum/Fine Art

From delicate antiques to priceless fine art, Hampden Moving & Storage has the expertise and experience to successfully manage and transport all your specialized shipments. We take extra care with these valuable pieces by:

  • Providing blanket-wrapped service
  • Building custom crates so each piece is safely protected
  • Offering climate-controlled equipment
  • Training specialty van operators to ensure that your irreplaceable items receive the best possible care

Call Hampden Moving & Storage for full details or email us to request more information.



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Hampden Moving & Storage
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