Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be a real challenge, but if you are organized and prepared the move will go smoothly for you and for them. The most important thing to remember is that most pets thrive on routine so having their routine disrupted by a move, and then having to get used to a new home, can be very upsetting and difficult for them. Have some empathy for your pet and don’t get upset if they act out of character during the move. Transitioning from one home to another is tough on everyone in the family. To make the move easier on your pets and to save your sanity always do these things when moving with pets:

Pack Them A Go Bag

You will need to pack a bag for everyone in the family during a move and your pets are no exception. Each pet should have a bag containing pre-portioned containers of their food, a water bowl, a blanket or bed, and toys that they like. You can also put things like brushes or toys in the bags. Putting pre-portioned containers of their food in their go bag means that when you get to the new home you won’t have to rush to unpack the pet supplies because you’ll have easy access to their food. And if you are staying in a hotel overnight before moving into your new home the pre-portioned food containers will make feeding them in a hotel easier.

Move Toys And Beds Beforehand

It’s not always possible to move your pet’s bed, toys, blankets, and other items into the new home before you arrive. But if you can do that you should do that. It will make it easier for the pets to adjust to the new home if their familiar bedding, toys, and other beloved items are already in the home. It will help them feel more secure and adjust to the new situation faster.

Get Copies Of Their Medical Records

You should request a copy of your pet’s medical records including their rabies certificate and put those with your important moving papers. If you’re moving into an apartment the property may require that you put a copy of the pet’s rabies vaccination on file in the main office. Include a current photo with your pet’s medical records too.

Put All Pets On Leashes

The day that you’re moving all of your pets need to be wearing harnesses with leashes, even the cats and bunnies. The fish and lizards do not. But any common household pet like cats or dogs should be wearing harnesses and leashes in case they get loose. In all the commotion of movers and people coming in and out of the house it would be easy for a scared pet to slip out. Or when you’re transferring pets one could get out of a carrier or crate and run off. Make sure that your pets are wearing tags and that they are wearing harnesses and leashes so that they can be caught if they get loose.