How To Save Money During A Move

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving long distance or just a few miles moving is usually expensive. However, there are lots of things that you can do to cut moving costs and make the moving process a little more affordable. Since most people have a pretty tight budget when they’re moving use these tips to cut costs and make sure that your move doesn’t go over budget:

Pack Your Own Stuff

Packing and unpacking is a useful service that most movers offer, but it can add quite a bit to the total cost of the move. If you are able to pack your things yourself you can save a lot of money. They key to making packing run smoothly and efficiently is being organized. Make sure that you have plenty of boxes and moving supplies. Go room by room in your house or apartment and pack up all the items in each room that you are taking. Write down everything that you pack on a master inventory list and make sure that you label your boxes. You can use a color coded system for organizing the boxes, or devise a system that works for you. Start early and plan on packing up just one room each day so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Reuse Boxes

The cost of moving boxes and supplies can add up fast. You might want to purchase specialty boxes like dishware boxes new, but for regular boxes try to find boxes around town or from neighbors instead of buying them. If you live in an apartment ask the manager if anyone new has moved in recently or put up a notice letting people know you need moving boxes and you may be able to snag moving boxes from someone who just moved in. You can also check with grocery stores and liquor stores to see if they have any unused sturdy boxes. And don’t forget to ask in community garage sale and resale groups on Facebook. There is almost always someone in those groups looking to get rid of some moving boxes.

Get Creative With Packing Material

Buying a lot of packing paper seems like a waste of money doesn’t it? Buying paper that you’re just going to throw out again in a few days isn’t a very good use of money, especially when you have a lot of items that you can use at home to safely pack your belongings. Use dish cloths, sheets and blankets, towels, and clothing as packing material to cushion and protect your valuable breakable items. That way you will need fewer boxes because you won’t be packing your clothes and other soft items in boxes and you won’t need packing paper to protect your breakable items.

Declutter Your Stuff

Letting go of the stuff that you don’t need means less stuff to move, and ultimately that will save you money. Hold a yard sale or sell items that you don’t need in online community resale groups. You can make some extra cash and get rid of items that are just weighing you down.