Moving Safety: How To Avoid Injuries

Moving is physically demanding as well as emotionally exhausting and if you’re not careful you could end up causing yourself a serious injury when you move. It’s always best to hire professional movers, especially if you are moving large items like a piano or gaming table. Professional movers have the right training and the right equipment to move your household items safely. But if you are moving yourself or if you are just getting your items ready for movers use these tips to make sure that you don’t injure yourself:

Don’t Overpack Boxes

It can be tempting to keep things organized and use fewer boxes by using large boxes and packing them as full of items as you can. But, that can make those boxes dangerously heavy to move. Use smaller boxes and plan on packing them slightly more than half full. If you’re packing items that are notoriously heavy like books or shoes pack the box slightly less than half full then move on to another box. That way you can be sure none of the boxes will be too heavy for one person to comfortably lift.

Get The Right Equipment

When people are doing a DIY move they often try to cut costs by not renting moving equipment that is designed to move furniture and other large items. Rent the equipment. Moving sofas, beds, appliances, and heavy boxes can cause serious injuries to your legs, back, and arms. It’s well worth the cost to rent the equipment that will make it safer to move those items.

Lift With Your Knees

When you’re pick up a box always start the lift motion in your knees and not your back. Lifting with the back is the number one way that people injure themselves moving. Repeatedly lifting heavy boxes without starting from the knees can cause permanent back injury. Say it out lout to yourself if you have to but always lift with your knees not your back.

Be Careful Of The Heat

Summer is the most popular time of the year to move because the good weather makes moving a lot easier. But the hot temperatures can make moving more dangerous. If you’re moving in a hot and humid climate make sure that you take frequent rest breaks in the shade. Drink plenty of cool water and sports drinks. If possible set up a table or cart in a shady spot with plenty of ice cold drinks and cold packs in coolers. Also make sure there are chairs out so that you and the movers can sit down. Try to sit down and have a cool drink at least once an hour. Also make sure that you’re loading and unloading the truck in the morning or evening when the temperatures aren’t so severe. Avoid loading or unloading in the mid afternoon when the temperatures are searing hot.