Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Top Tips for Moving Antiques and Fine Art in Baltimore, MD & Surrounding Areas

Planning for a residential or commercial move requires many steps and details to remember and take care of. When searching for a professional moving and storage company, it’s important to consider one whose movers are trained to carefully handle even your most fragile and valuable belongings, such as antiques and pieces of fine art.

To begin planning for a move, schedule an estimate with multiple professional moving companies to determine which one can provide the best moving and storage services. Research each company’s reviews and ask questions during the estimate to find movers who are known for their high-quality, dependable results. You will want to choose a company with movers who are ready to customize any type of moving and storage service to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.

Before the packing begins, it’s helpful to photograph any antiques and pieces of art to document their pre-move condition. Many professional moving and storage companies offer protection plans for high value items. Customers may also check with their personal insurance companies about coverage for priceless and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Fine Art Packing

There are multiple options when packing fine art. Every package should have corner protectors to prevent knicks and scratches. They should also be wrapped in breathable paper, bubble wrapped, taped, and padded with blankets over the boxes when secured in the truck face to face.

Antiques Packing

Antiques should be wrapped so no surfaces can be scratched or damaged and strapped down and covered with padded blankets in the moving truck.

When you are ready to start planning for your next upcoming move, knowing these details about how to prepare, pack, and transport antiques and fine art items will check one more thing off your moving to-do list. Find a moving and storage company who has reliable moving and storage services you can trust with even your most valuable belongings.

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