How to Pack Up a Kitchen

Packing up the kitchen is usually the hardest packing task that you’ll have to do when you’re preparing to move. The kitchen usually has the biggest amount of items that need to be packed up and it has the most fragile items so everything will need to be packed carefully. If you’re not hiring professionals to do the packing for you use these tips from moving experts to efficiently pack up your kitchen and get ready for the big move:

Create A Separate Box For The First Few Days

It can often take a week or more to fully unpack all of your kitchen boxes. In the meantime you still need to cook food and eat meals. So the best thing to do is to pack one box that will go with you in the car that you can unpack immediately. That box should contain a full place setting for each member of the family and a few extra pieces of silverware, a few extra bowls, and so on so that you have enough dishes to get the family through the day. Don’t forget about mugs, sippy cups, and other dishware that you use every day. You should also pack a medium size saucepan, a skillet, and a baking sheet in the box along with the coffeemaker because you will definitely need some coffee too.

Get Crafty With Packing Material

When you’re packing your glasses, dishes, and other breakables from the kitchen instead of using expensive packing paper wrap your dishes in blankets, towels, and clothes. You will be protecting your valuable items and packing up double the amount of items because you’re using other items that would have to be packed as packing material.

If You Haven’t Used It In A Year Get Rid Of It

Normally this one year rule is applied to clothing when you’re packing but it applies to kitchen items too. If you haven’t used that blender or Foreman grill in a year sell them or give them away. If you haven’t even looked at that container of basil and you can’t even remember when you bought it then out it goes. Anything that’s been stuck in a cupboard or cabinet and hasn’t been used is something you don’t need. Don’t drag it a new home with you. Start over with less stuff. If your spices are old and you’re getting rid of them you might want to add those spices to your pantry shopping list so you will have new containers of herbs and spices to cook with in your new home.

Let Go Of The Clutter

You don’t need to bring those 20 different takeout menus that have been sitting in the junk drawer with you to a new home. Don’t be afraid to purge your kitchen and get rid of all the junk and debris that you’ve been collecting over the years. A new kitchen means a chance to start over without all that clutter so leave it all behind and take advantage of this fresh start.