Declutter and Donate

Declutter and Donate: Where to Donate Gently Used Belongings

When getting ready to move, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of things you own. Even if you know space will be tight, the urge to hang onto your possessions makes every item seem like a tie to your old space. Save yourself space and hassle by decluttering and bringing with you your favorite items instead.

To get ready for your new home and the transition, declutter and organize. Especially when downsizing, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with things you love and find new homes for items you no longer need.

Make it easier by going room by room or category by category, sorting through for things you love, use often, or find valuable to treasure. Categories can be things like clothes, books, papers, kitchenware, electronics, and more.

Set aside any items that you want to pass on to other family members, and consider gifting them. Cherished heirlooms hold special meaning and sharing them with the next generation gives them the chance to feel the same joy and family connection they brought you.

People often find that they can do without clothes that inevitably end up tucked back in the closet. If you have not worn something in over a year, it no longer fits anymore, or reminds you of painful events, place the item in the giving away pile.

The rewarding part of decluttering is finding new life for your things by donating them. You can donate gently used items from home goods to clothing and furniture. Doing so is a great way to reduce the community’s carbon footprint and help others to furnish their homes and wardrobes more affordably.

There are a number of organizations that give back to the community through proceeds from donations. Some larger chains help to provide work for people with learning disabilities or support women who have suffered from domestic violence. Others donate to U.S. veterans or those who are homebound.

Local churches may host rummage sales or neighborhood garage sales. Donating to homeless shelters, halfway houses, and other nonprofit organizations greatly benefits the community and the lives of those less fortunate.

Finding places to donate is as simple as a web search for your location. For any items you may not be certain about a place accepting, give them a call before you make the trip.