Back to College Moving Tips

If you’re going to be heading back to  your college dorm this fall and you’re starting to get organized to make that move it can overwhelming to try figure out what you really need and the best way to move all  your items. Moving a lot of stuff across a college campus can be tough, and you don’t always know how much room you’re going to have. Use these tips to make packing moving back to college easier this year:

Use Storage Bins Instead Of Boxes

You will need as much storage as you can get in your dorm, and storage bins and laundry baskets are sturdy and easy to carry when you have to move your stuff up stairs and across campus. You can reuse the bins and baskets to store all your items safely out of the way after you’ve unpacked. Put your bed up on risers and you can store those storage bins full of seasonal clothing underneath so that they’re out of the way but ready when you need them.

Talk To Your Roommate Ahead Of Time

Your dorm room doesn’t need multiple mini-fridges and microwaves. Talk to your roommate ahead of time and decide who will bring what appliances so that you will have the basics that you both need without wasting space having two of everything. If there is something that you know you’ll use a lot and you want to bring with you that’s fine, but in general when it comes to appliances and items that you’re going to share it’s best to decide who should be responsible for what before move in day comes.

Ship Items To Save Space In The Car

If you’re driving to school and you have limited space in the car or if you’re flying in and taking a cab to the dorms you can make moving easier by shipping boxes of your clothing or other items to your dorm. That way you will only need to get the box to your room instead of carrying it across campus. If you end up with too much stuff and you want to save space you can ship items back home. For example when the cold weather comes you can ship your warm weather clothing back home until you need it again.

Live In Your Space Before Filling It With Stuff

If you’re tempted to go out and buy tons of storage bins, a rug, pillows, a chair, and other items to personalize your dorm space don’t do that yet. Wait until you’ve been in the space for a week or two so that you’ll get a sense of how the space functions and what you really need. You probably won’t need most of the things that you think you do.